About Carla Burns, The Global Biz Girl

Carla Burns, a wife and “millionaire mom” has helped thousands worldwide achieve personal success in the network marketing industry. Over the past 8 years Carla has built a massive team of independent distributors throughout the globe expanding over 19 countries with multi-millions in annual sales which consists of over a million customers and distributors. Carla’s organization boasts several Top 10 earners, Ambassador Diamonds and Millionaire Club Members. Many look to Carla for her mentorship, coaching and inspiration yet she remains humble giving credit to the incredible leaders she has been blessed with as the reason for her success. Her passion for helping others achieve optimal success through teaching the truths she herself has implemented has made her a sought-out expert.

From the Blog

Roadmap to Ruby|Training Video

Unlock the compensation plan with this step-by-step Roadmap to Ruby! Going Ruby is the final step in the Steps to Success, it is perfect for new distributors and old alike!

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It Works System|Good Food

I have more energy, less bloat and certainly feel my body has been re-energized! I have made it super easy to follow because if you are like me, anything too complicated and I am out after a few days 🙂 Just add Good Food!

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BRAND NEW | It Works System

You know the power each of our amazing It Works! products has, but using them together in a developed system delivers even better results! That’s the power of It Works! product synergy, and it’s what drives our It Works! System! It’s three of our best products working...

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