Everyone wants to be on a winning team! There is something magnetic and exciting that radiates from each member of the team as individuals and as a unit working together for a common goal. It’s been my experience leading a winning team that key characteristics must be present and that there is not one leader, each individual has value and contributes equally with unique skills that make the team unstoppable. Each individual cannot control the external factors: there are only two things that can control the outcome, your attitude and your effort. The winning team recognizes the attitude and effort and will encourage or serve when needed.

Most winning teams began with a coach that had passion and desire to create a winning team. This coach that wants to win will quickly establish themselves as a mentor not a dictator. The coach will monitor the heart of the team and move quickly to ensure unity at all times. The team will be more receptive when the coach is willing to get in the trenches. Winners are led by genuine integrity and courage, not micro managing, titles and comparison. Remember a winning team is a group of likeminded, self-motivated leaders inspired by a selfless coach. “Be real, be authentic and be sincere..people know when you’re not” Tony Dungy

The single most effective tip I can give you on how to lead a winning team is based on this quote by Benjamin Disraeli “The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own”.

Individual gifts and talents are exposed and edified throughout the team. Complaints are non-existent, only possible solutions to external factors with willing hands to serve. The winning team seeks opportunities to add significance to another’s life and in doing so becomes a magnetic force for the greater good.

Are you on a winning team? You will know if you are because you are happy, fulfilled and whole in all areas of your life. You can say “I have made a positive impact on someone else’s life”. You are surrounded by others with different skills that sharpen you and you give your talents and gifts to them in return.  If not, first take a personal inventory of yourself, this is an essential part of becoming a leader within a winning team. Nothing can be changed unless you are first willing to take a good look in the mirror. You will have to put yourself aside and be ready to stretch!! It’s an incredible journey to be a part of a winning team and at the end of the journey you will hear “WELL DONE”!!!

Ready?? Join a winning team and allow your coach to mentor you to your highest potential!!!