You know the power each of our amazing It Works! products has, but using them together in a developed system delivers even better results! That’s the power of It Works! product synergy, and it’s what drives our It Works! System! It’s three of our best products working together, inside and out, to help you look better and live healthier!


It Works System


  • Tighten, tone, and firm your body with That Crazy Wrap Thing™


  • Cut out “bad” foods and replace with healthy foods for just 2-4 days a month


  • Fire up your metabolism to burn more calories and boost energy with Ultimate ThermoFit and Greens Berry

Shake it all up with the It Works Blender Bottle—included FREE with your It Works System! The It Works Blender Bottle features a divided pill container for your Ultimate ThermoFit, two detachable containers for your two scoops of Greens Berry, and a Blender Ball to mix your Greens and water. Just put on That Crazy Wrap Thing and you’ll be ready to WRAP. REMOVE. REBOOT. wherever you go!

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Fit Life Adventure

Take your It Works System up a notch, by joining my Fit Life Adventure!  A 90 Day Ultimate Body Makeover that focuses on the Mind Body & Spirit of health!  We have dedicated coaches to fully support YOUR Fit Life Adventure, specializing in the science of exercise & nutrition, Gluten Free options and adopting a new mindset for your health!  We offer weekly & monthly prizes and one GRAND prize!  For more information visit Fit Life Adventure!