Looking back seven years ago I can still picture myself sitting at my dining room table signing a distributor form thinking my husband is going to freak if he finds out I signed up for another “thing” that took my time, energy and money. I didn’t have very much experience with multi-level marketing (MLM), direct sales or network marketing before but I was selling make-up… sort of. I really just bought enough for my discount and gave all my friends wholesale pricing; I certainly was not making any money. I was also a mom of a five-year-old and a 12-year-old, worked as an RN, did hair out of a salon in my basement and booked travel on the side (you guessed it, just for the discounts!). I guess you could say I was “busy” doing a lot of things but not getting any further ahead. To be honest I signed up for ItWorks for the same reason, I was helping out my friend and could easily do enough to get my product free.

And so it began! I set a short term goal of $300 a month to support my travel habit that was putting us in debt. Little did I know there was a much greater plan that to this day, is still unfolding. As I mentioned I had no clue about MLM or doing parties, and getting up in front of people… Not me, no way… I was terrified! What I did know for sure is that I had faith in my sponsor and I believed in the vision God gave It Works Global’s CEO Mark Pentecost and wife Cindy. These two things have never wavered, in fact they keep me motivated to this day.

wrapCrazy Wrap Thing

My first party was a huge success! I could not believe how excited everyone was to try that crazy wrap. I thought I had to know the science behind it, but these women did not seem to care and I could not deny the results in front of my own eyes. It was that party when my belief started to grow, not just in the wrap but also in this non-traditional business model. I made more cash that night than I did picking up an extra shift at the hospital. This is when I began to give the opportunity more thought. I really hadn’t committed to the business other than getting loyal customers because I loved the nutrition line so much. I actually got my car bonus and won a trip to the Emmy’s with our CEO Mark Pentecost and Director or Marketing, Pam Sowder for gathering the most loyal customers. This was my first encounter with Pam. I was not at all starstruck by the celebrities that we mingled with for three days, it was actually Pam that had my attention and admiration. I had no idea that Pam would one day be one of my closest friends and my mentor. I had no clue the impact Pam, Mark and Cindy would have on my personal growth and transformation. I thought I was selling wraps and vitamins, but God knew He was preparing me for something much bigger. For almost a decade Cindy has prayed over me the verse “You are here for such a time as this,” and Mark, the incredible coach he is had proud, constant affirmations of “a job well done!” It was impossible for me to fail.

Failing Forward

Many have questioned WHY it took so long for me to reach Ambassador level. Even my own daughter would ask, “Mom, why isn’t your picture on the wall with your team?” OUCH!  The answer is simple. From the moment I saw this as a business opportunity my focus was on creating a check. I really didn’t get why it was important to have a title if the check did not match? It was more important to me to reach my own financial goals and focus on the freedom the commission check brought month after month to my family. My first “ah ha moment” was when we opened Canada and my check skyrocketed because of one person that completely changed the course of my business. It literally added a comma to my check in three months.  It was then it hit me, this was a serious business and a massive opportunity. Wow!! I needed to figure this out… I began to study the MLM industry reading, listening and following the examples of industry icons that were a success. The first book I read, given to me by Pam Sowder was Beach Money by Jordan Adler, Another ah ha! My take away was, in order to really win I had to stay in the game. So when things went up and down as this industry does, I knew it was all natural.

Today I look back and understand these down times were not failures, I was failing forward. This business is a growth process and the sooner you let go and trust the process the faster you will reach your goal. I can’t count the amount of times Pam told me to “Get over myself!” or how many times Mark said “You’ve got this!”

Time For Growth

I could write pages of life-changing experiences, travel, becoming debt-free and lifetime dreams fulfilled in seven short years, but I will focus on the most recent, my decision to go for Ambassador. I do not say decision lightly because it was a struggle and very conscious decision to focus on achieving this goal. Why now? You may wonder since I have stayed as one of It Works’ Top 10 Income Earners for several years without it? It was time to grow again, and it was time for my team to promote under my leadership. With a fully committed effort these women went to the front of the line and said “I am ALL in!” We set our goals and created a support system to encourage and coach each other. It was one of the most stressful, thrilling and inspiring times in my entire time with ItWorks Global. I applaud every single person that achieves this rank, as it truly takes a massive team spirit that does not end with the promotion. It has fired up the entire organization and has given hope to the ones that will follow in my steps. It was finally MY TIME!

Celebrating my promotion to Ambassador Diamond at the Shore on St. Armands Circle in Sarasota, FL.

Celebrating my promotion to Ambassador Diamond at the Shore on St. Armands Circle in Sarasota, FL.

Have I made a million? Yep… Have I become a leader that inspires? Yep… Is the story over? Heck NO… Its just the beginning!!!! YOU ARE NEXT