Join myself and a brand new distributor as we go through the Roadmap to Ruby!  “Going  Ruby,” is the third and final step in our “Steps to Success” which our entire It Works Business Plan is built around!  If you can go ruby once and learn how to duplicate it, you will be destined for great success in this business!

In this video we discuss

  • what all is included in the Business Builder kit

Business Builder Kit

  • Your Esuite
  • It Works Apps
  • It Works Apparel
  • It Works Event Calendar
  • How to get connected with corporate
  • Verbiage
  • BV
  • Steps to Success sheet

Steps to Success1

  • LC vs DT
  • What IS a Loyal Customer
  • Your first 30 days
  • Your first 60 days
  • And finally why duplication is so important!

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