What an amazing event we just had in Sarasota Florida! Home of IT WORKS! Global. With standing room only, distributors from all over the globe huddled to hear the words of their fearless and humble leader …Coach Mark Pentecost. Owner and CEO of one of the fastest growing companies in its industry ITWORKS! Global, Mark Pentecost has created something magical not only in his product line but in the people that represent his products.

So what’s the secret sauce of Mark Pentecost? In my opinion after being with ITWORKS! Global for over 6 years and watching it grow, one thing that remains consistent is its very heartbeat. The heart of Mark Pentecost pours out through each distributor that calls ITWORKS Global home. It’s a heart of a servant. The secret sauce… Servant Leadership! That runs from the Top down through every vein of the company be it corporate staff or distributors in the field. Mark Pentecost doesn’t think out of the box. He threw the box away!

Gone are the days of flashy car programs and closets full of products! Today at ITWORKS! Global, Mark Pentecost provides a cutting edge product that people come to YOU for along with a hybrid compensation plan to get you OUT of DEBT not into a car you can’t afford to keep or a dream that is here today and gone tomorrow.

Gone are the days of competition and lack mindset within our industry! Today we are ONE TEAM and ALL IN and because of this mindset and heart we are abundantly blessed beyond anything we could imagine. Record breaking commissions earned with little to no industry experience! How?

Every great sports movie has it.. the team is losing with no hope of winning, the one you thought would never make the team wins the championship, the smallest boy on the team makes the winning goal. What do they have in common? The secret sauce of Mark Pentecost!

The TEAM is moved into massive action by an inspired coach that encourages us all to STRETCH! There is no irony that Mark Pentecost started his life career as a basketball coach. Today this God given gift has impacted millions and continues today to be a worldwide phenomenon!

“Busting at the seams we prepare for the future wearing our TEAM colors with pride.

Black, green and bling is the bag you will see and wonder what’s inside

Allow us to serve you and something else will appear..

The secret sauce of Mark Pentecost we all hold so dear!”