Who wants to be on this stage next year? This is your year. Now for those of you that did not raise your hand, why not? What voice in your head said to you, “I could never do that. I could not be on that stage. I’m not pretty enough. I’m not skinny enough. I’m not smart enough. I just started. I could not get on that stage next year.”


All of those things are just fear. Maybe yours was “I don’t need to be on that stage. I’m comfortable. I’m happy right where I am.” Again, it’s just fear. Do you remember when you were a kid and you weren’t afraid of anything? I remember when I was a kid I would look for the biggest tree that I could find and I would climb all the way to the top. Not only would I climb to the highest top of the tree, I would look for that branch and I would climb out to the end of the branch and I would hang. Then I would drop. I wasn’t afraid of anything because I had childlike faith.


It’s that childlike faith that will get you on this stage. It’s that childlike faith that is going to move you to do those things that you’re terrified of. Yes, you will have to speak if you get on this stage, but you’ll do it with childlike faith. God does not want you to play small. He created you to do big things. You’ll do those big things from this stage, because when you get on this stage you have the power to influence your family. You can have an impact on the world around you and you can make a difference. I’ll ask you again, who wants to be on this stage next year? This is your year. Jump.”


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